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Automatic powder filling sealing machine with feeder

2021-6-7      View:
  • Brand   Harmee
  • Type   YHTL-730
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1,the equipment material for the quality of 304 stainless steel,in line with GMP requirements.

2, the advice outlet with vacuum device,the externa dust cover.
3, the container automatically positioning,automatic filling materials.
4,PLC touch the filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily with high precision.
5,can automatically display the number of packing,can be convenient to calculate the workload of the machine.

Filling machine
Model  YHTL-730
Packing material  Powder
Filling weight 10-2000g
weighting scale 1-6000g
Filling accurancy <0.5%
Filling speed 30-45 pcs/ Min
Power supply 380v/220v   50/60Hz
Total power 1.8kw
Total weight 150kg
Mcahine dimension 3000x1060x2000mm
Container volume 75L
Sealing machine
Sealing speed 30-60 pcs/min
Sealing height 60-190mm adjustable
diameter range 70-130mm adjustable
Voltage 220v 50/60Hz
Packing size 300x100x150cm
Weight 350kg

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